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Terms and Conditions for room bookings and events
1. Scope
The terms and conditions apply to all room reservations, guest and meeting rooms, which are concluded between the Hotel Aariana and the customer.

2. Reservation
The agreement of the room ordered in the form of a reservation is binding for both contracting parties.
The contract is concluded as soon as rooms, rooms, areas or other services ordered and
be promised in writing.
The reservation for ordered, but not yet paid, rooms is valid until 18.00 o'clock of the day of arrival.
There is no claim to the use of the overnight service in a specific room. The Aariana management reserves the right, after expiry of the reservation, to rent the reserved rooms elsewhere.

3. Guaranteed reservations
A guaranteed reservation is deemed to have been made if the guest pays the accommodation service in advance, or with his or her credit card or a statement of insurance, and has not canceled in time. The guaranteed room will be made available to the guest by 11.00 am the following day.
In case of no-show, 90% of the first night will be charged.

4. Means of payment / services on account to be paid later, cash
Valid means of payment are debit card, Mastercard, Amexco, Maestro and Visacard. Cash in euros.

5. Arrival and departure
Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in is not possible before 2 pm on the day of arrival. The room must be returned no later than 11.00 am on the day of departure.
A later departure is to be discussed with the reception.

6. Cancellation / no-show
24 hours before arrival free of charge. In case of no-show or late arrival 90% of the room rate of the first night will be charged. The following nights are automatically canceled by the Aariana management. This does not apply to knife reservations, where the reservation contract applies.

7. Complete registration forms
Each guest is required to fill in the registration form truthfully.

8. Liability of the guests for imported items
Clothing, accessories and items left in the hotel's public areas, corridors, toilets, breakfast room and meeting rooms, etc. are not deemed to have been brought in unless specifically taken into custody by an authorized person.
Also considered as not included are motor vehicles and in these left-over items as well as live animals. This also applies to valuables such as money, securities, valuables and other valuables. In the room a liability extends only to those objects and materials, which were brought in by the entitled ones from the accommodation contract. Liability here is limited to a maximum of € 1,000. Liability is excluded in total, if loss, destruction or damage is caused by the guest, a guest or a guest's companion, or by the nature of the property or by force majeure.

9. Lost property
Any items left over will be forwarded only upon request and reimbursement. The Aariana management commits to a storage of 4 weeks. After this time, the items are disposed of.

10. Smoking ban
There is a total smoking ban throughout the building. In case of infringement, the guest is the
Room cleaning and a renovation fee of 300 € will be charged.
In case of proven manipulation of the smoke detector, which triggers an alarm, a compensation of € 500 is required.

11. Taking, contamination or destruction of hotel property
If items from the room provided are heavily contaminated, disappear, (TV, hotel laundry or similar) or willfully destroyed, these items will be charged to the guest with their special cleaning, if necessary, replacement value, plus shipping costs plus 20% allowance , The same applies to hotel property in the areas reserved for guests.

12. Taking animals
Carriage of animals requires the prior approval of the Aariana management. The owner of the animal must ensure that the animal is not left unattended. It must be ensured that the animals do not cause any noise (barking, scratching, etc.). Likewise, the pet owner is liable for damage to property and personal injury that may be caused by the animal.

13. TV / internet use / WLAN
The use of the Internet connection is free. However, no legally controversial pages may be accessed or downloaded. Viewing or feeding porn sites, downloading movies and music, etc. is not allowed. Should costs arise from this unauthorized use, these will be charged to the user. There is no claim to the functionality of the network. The WiFi code is available at the reception.

14. Extraordinary termination
Rioting guests who violate the basic duties (smoking in the premises, harassing other guests or employees) have forfeited their hospitality rights. Should a warning not be fruitful, a forced eviction can take place. Possibly. The costs incurred here are borne by the guest.

15. Video surveillance notice
Our reception and outdoor area are video-monitored.

16. Parking - use of parking, costs
Parking is free during the stay / reservation. Further use must be made known. Parking and use at your own risk.

17. Force majeure
If a booking has been made, but at the time of service provision an event
generally deemed to be force majeure (e.g., fire, flood, storm ...), the Hotel Aariana management may freely withdraw from the contract.

Stand 01.04.2018

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